This is the download page for SAS 9.4 for Students.

This downloadable SAS 9.4 installer is an option for remote students, who have trouble using the SAS Depot. This installer includes only SAS 9.4 for Windows 64-bit workstations; users of other environments still must use the Depot.

Users who already downloaded full version of SAS must download the updated SID (license) file. Download the SID file from the link below, then follow these instructions provided by SAS.

For technical support please contact WashU IT Tech Den @ 314-935-7100 (press 2 when prompted) or you may contact: SAS Institute's Technical Support web site search page at and search for SAS Problem Notes, Usage Notes, Samples and other notes. You can submit questions or problems to SAS's Technical Support web site at

SAS 9.4 Install Instructions

SAS 9.4 Win Desktop (Student Use Only) (9.5 GB)

SAS Student Installer (35.3 GB)

Updated SID (license) file for FY24